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Fueling Your Financial Ecosystem's Future with CoolESG

Welcome to the age of responsible finance, where we're your partner in igniting transformation.

COOLESG is at the forefront of reshaping your approach to ESG reporting. We're simplifying the intricate world of assessment reports, offering you an intelligent, automated scoring platform that positions you as a leader in green banking, green digital banking, green capital markets, and green insurance markets.

Here at CoolESG, our commitment is crystal clear: We make ESG reporting a breeze, accessible to all, and laser-focused on delivering tangible results. Whether you're a financial institution, an SME looking to thrive, or an eco-conscious investor, we provide you with the ESG INTELLIGENCE that propels change in your industry.

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Automated reliable ESG Reporting

CoolESG helps financial institutions generate precise assessment reports with ease. Our advanced technology minimizes errors and offers a user-friendly interface that guides users through each step. Expect an accurate and reliable ESG reporting and scoring.

Build automated ESG documentation systems

We develop ESG reporting and automated scoring platforms to access companies ESG standing particularly SMEs for green banking, green digital banking, green capital market and green insurance markets.

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The Power of ESG Intelligence

CoolESG analyze ESG data from various sources, including reports and media articles, to improve an organization's decision-making process. It can be trained, to create a customized set of information that can bridge the ESG data gap of SMEs

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