Collecting and Cleaning ESG data is laborious and error-prone with both structured and unstructured data

ESG standards are changing and  updating continuously. Regulatory disclosures are expanding in both frequency and depth 

Obtaining ESG Insights into disclosures made by the company is not easy, given the qualitative type of answers.

Double materiality calls on organizations to consider materiality from two viewpoints: financial materiality and materiality to the market, the environment and people.

Create ESG Reports that is Geography specific

ESG Disclosure reports has to be tailored according to local conditions. Different countries are issuing ESG guidelines for mandatory disclosure, under different regulatory framework. Example are GRI, SDG, SASB, CCPT, CDP, ISSB and many more

Create ESG Reports supporting Green Finance

Our ESG Reports are designed to support Green Finance. We understand what issuers need to create Green Bond, Social Bond, Sustainability linked notes and many more.

Create ESG Reports that is Sector specific

Different sectors will have different reporting and disclosure framework that are relevant and preferred for the industry.Examples are


Sustainble green building. Eco-friendly building. Sustainable glass office building with tree

About Us

We Provide Trustworthy ESG Intelligence to support Green Finance

Our ESG professionals are dedicated to transforming ESG intelligence with trust and transparency, using advanced technology to contribute to a sustainable future.

Products and Services

ESG Intelligence

We have put together platform and team to provide the Enterprise grade solution that you need to create Trustworthy ESG Intelligence.


Intelligent ESG Intelligence Platform designed to support banks and financial institutions with the ESG Intelligence tools you need to comply with ESG requirements for Green Finance

Carbon Accounting

Our solution is designed to support carbon accounting, utilizing cutting-edge technologies. By deploying this solution, we help facilitate the efforts of our clients towards achieving carbon credits and offsets. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional support and expertise throughout the entire process. With our solution, our clients can accurately track and report carbon emissions, ensuring they remain compliant with regulatory standards. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

ESG Consulting

We offer ESG consulting services to banks and financial institutions. Our experts help clients integrate ESG reporting into the green products that they offer. We develop and implement ESG reporting and data collection approaches, and provide ESG due diligence for ESG focused investments.

ESG Data Analytics

ESG data analytics allows businesses and investors to analyze important environmental, social, and governance metrics like carbon emissions and board diversity. This helps evaluate risk, make informed investment decisions, and monitor sustainability initiatives over time. It also ensures compliance with regulations and industry standards while improving long-term financial performance, all while showcasing a commitment to responsible investing.

ESG Financing

Assessing a company's ESG readiness is critical for sustainable investments. Evaluating risks and opportunities helps investors ensure that potential investments align with sustainability criteria. ESG financial products, such as screened funds and green bonds, enable more investors to engage in sustainable investments, encouraging companies to adopt transparent and sustainable practices.

ESG Data Collection

We offer an ESG data collection service with IoT and social listening tech. Our dashboards make it easy to access real-time info on ESG metrics, such as carbon emissions, labor practices, and customer satisfaction. Our fast and reliable data collection provides insightful info to help clients lower risks, increase transparency, and improve ESG performance.

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Trustworthy ESG

Our team is dedicated to the development of accurate ESG reporting and disclosure using the latest advancements in technology. Our approach is grounded in reliable analytics, ensuring that our clients receive reliable insights and recommendations for sustainable practices.

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