Our Products and Services

CoolESG offers variety of platforms

We have put all together ESG platform to provide and supports investments in companies that aim to achieve positive social and environmental impact while generating financial returns


Intelligent ESG Intelligence Platform designed to support banks and financial institutions with the ESG Intelligence tools you need to comply with ESG requirements for Green Finance

Carbon Accounting

Our solution is designed to support carbon accounting, utilizing cutting-edge IoT and AI technologies. By deploying this solution, we help facilitate the efforts of our clients towards achieving carbon credits and offsets. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional support and expertise throughout the entire process. With our solution, our clients can accurately track and report carbon emissions, ensuring they remain compliant with regulatory standards. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.

ESG Consulting

We offer ESG consulting services to banks and financial institutions. Our experts help clients integrate ESG reporting into the green products that they offer. We develop and implement ESG reporting and data collection approaches, and provide ESG due diligence for ESG focused investments.

ESG Data Analytics

ESG data analytics allows businesses and investors to analyze important environmental, social, and governance metrics like carbon emissions and board diversity. This helps evaluate risk, make informed investment decisions, and monitor sustainability initiatives over time. It also ensures compliance with regulations and industry standards while improving long-term financial performance, all while showcasing a commitment to responsible investing.

ESG Financing

Assessing a company's ESG readiness is critical for sustainable investments. Evaluating risks and opportunities helps investors ensure that potential investments align with sustainability criteria. ESG financial products, such as screened funds and green bonds, enable more investors to engage in sustainable investments, encouraging companies to adopt transparent and sustainable practices.

ESG Data Collection

We offer an ESG data collection service with IoT and social listening tech. Our dashboards make it easy to access real-time info on ESG metrics, such as carbon emissions, labor practices, and customer satisfaction. Our fast and reliable data collection provides insightful info to help clients lower risks, increase transparency, and improve ESG performance.